Lab Spray Dryer

Two-fluid spray nozzle & centrifuge type optional.
Color & large touch screen operation, automatic PLC control system.
Milk powder, egg powder, instant coffee powder, orange juice powder, etc

1 Atomizer 2 Large hoop
3 The exhaust pipe 4 Locking nut
5 Cyclone separator 6 No. 1 hoop
7 Collection bottle 8 Large hoop
9 Peristaltic pump 10 Drying chamber
11 Touchscreen 12 No. 2 hoop
13 The power switch 14 The feed tube
15 No.3 hoop 16 Collection pipe

1.SS316L stainless steel spray nozzle,high efficient.

2. PLC Control system: Color & large touch screen operation, totally automatic control and manual control are combined, panel in both Chinese and English, the parameters LCD display.